Deliciously Different


January 16, 2014 Print

KgJKE9wTOFBIn February 2002, two friends who love good food and drink, were having lunch in Boulder, Colorado. They spoke of life and work, and what it would be like to start a company that not only made a great product, but also gave back to the greater good.

They thought about the sophisticated European sodas they’d recently tried, and recognized an opportunity to create a version for the American market. Their beverage would have to be made from pure simple ingredients, and they‘d have to be proud to produce it, share it, and drink it. The goodness of this brand had to go beyond what was inside the bottle. In 1998, one of the partners had founded a non-profit, Global Education Fund, on the belief that educating kids secures a better future for the world. IZZE and GEF – a perfect blend of pure, simple, and good. Now they had the makings of a product and company they could feel good about, and the IZZE
Beverage Company was born.

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