Deliciously Different

The Story


Behind the Blog

The “Deliciously Different” blog was the inspiration of two long time friends.  Shelly Ruybalid started as an art director and very good cook.  Rick Souders is a photographer and a very good cook.  We met several years ago.  OK a very very long time ago when we both were working on Coors Brewing Company projects.  Because we both worked in the beverage industry and we liked food and liked to cook, we had a lot in common.

As time went by and Shelly left her position as Art Director, she had more time to help me with projects at my very busy photo studio.  It started out as marketing projects and helping with mailers, client relations and client events.  Then one day, I needed to have some baked goods done for a client and my regular food stylist said,  “Why don’t you ask Shelly?  She loves to bake and is very good at it.”  So on this particular job, Shelly and I worked together and the client was very impressed.

Ok, you see where we are going with this.  With marketing experience together, and working in the kitchen together, Shelly said we should start a blog.  It should be a recipe blog and we could do weekly uploads.  So, initially we had a blog site designed called “Souders Cookery.”  Every Wednesday for almost 2 years we whipped up and tested recipes.  When we had ones we really liked, we loaded recipes for our followers to see, download and make.

Today “Deliciously Different” is essentially an on-line Cookbook/Magazine.  While all of the images on the site are copyright protected to Souders Studios, our followers are able to find the recipes they like and print out the recipe cards.  The Deliciously Different Magazine also now features Celebrity Chefs and Industry Friends.  These features will be added periodically as we partner with other well-known chef friends and industry friends.  Each time we produce one of these features, they will come with a background story and three recipes.  We hope you love our site and more importantly our recipes that we share.

So as we like to say at Souders Studios:  Stop on over and “Satisfy your creative hunger.”