Ingredients & Directions

1 cup tomato juice or spicy V-8
2 tsps. prepared horseradish
2 tsps. Worchester sauce
Kosher Salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsp. Cholula hot sauce
1/3 cup Pepper Vodka
3 slices bacon, cooked
2 olives
2 pepperoncini’s
2 gherkins
1 celery stock, optional
Wisk together all ingredients to make the bloody Mary mix.
Pour the mixture into a tall glass and add vodka.  Stir with a cocktail spoon.
Add two strips of cooked bacon.  Skewer olives, pepperoncini’s and gherkins., add to drink.  Add in one 5-inch celery stalk if desired.  Enjoy and Repeat. 
Recipe Makes: 1 Personal Cocktail
Recipe: Rick Souders